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Our very first video, shot by Witold film (now part of Acmegruppen) on the roof of what is now our studio and rehearsal space in little LA aka, Landskrona, Sweden.

You can see the original ’Demtones logo’ (wich didn’t last very long) on martins kick drum.

Video by: Witold film

What you got to lose


”I’ve always dreamed of smashing my grandmothers apartment to pieces”- Casper Jarmo.

Well, that’s just what Casper did.. and WE PAID FOR IT!

Story and video by: AcmeGruppen

You dont know


The only video featuring The Demtones as four piece.
Jokke Petterson (Producer and engineer of TD’s first two albums) joined the band on guitar and backing vocals, December 2019 the band went back to kicking ass as a power trio.

Story and video by: AcmeGruppen