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Three is the magic number.

That rings true for The Demtones, a band from southern Sweden with roots growing deep within classic rock music.

The Chemistry is strong between the longtime friends which ignites into a high energy and straight to the point performance when they join forces on stage.

With great experience from playing different stages all around Europe (as well as supporting acts like Lucifer and Hardcore Superstar) The Demtones are confident in owning any stage and will bring any audience to their feet with their groove-driven music and powerful presence.

The music is heavy and riff oriented with loud and intense lead guitar playing mixed with the finesse and groove of rock and roll.

Frontman, singer, guitarist and main songwriter Oscar Ericsson leads the way delivering his heartfelt lyrics about fighting your way through life and trying to achieve your goals. It’s apparent that Oscar’s voice and guitar playing work together in a “call and response” like way that creates an ongoing conversation between the words being sung and the notes being played.

It won’t take any less than highly skilled members Alfred Andersson on thunderous bass joined by Martin Behm Stener, whom with "strikes like lightning" sets fire to the rhythm section.

This killer power trio is here to deliver the statement of straight to the point, high energy, hip swinging and head banging music of The Demtones.

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"hey, ho, let’s rock’n’roll the good way"
- Electrictunes

"enough drive and crisp vintage vibes to quickly capture the rock fan's heart" - Whiskey Soda

"Rumbling drums, throbbing guitar chords, rock music that evokes other names" - Real Roots Café

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